Bailey's Alchemy

Where do we start with Emmaline? One of our first guest artists and found via an online forage for NZ talent, we hope this girls' sticking around! Juggling motherhood (to wee Charlie and Albie) and hours of drawing, painting and illustrating, Emmaline is a talent not to be reckoned with.

Emmaline Bailey is a self-taught Auckland-based illustrator. She established Bailey’s Alchemy in 2010 after quitting her day job to chase her dream of being an artist, and hasn't looked back once. Her fantastical, highly-detailed pencil illustrations depict bursts of flowers, flocks of birds, and menageries of wildlife, usually with a macabre or tongue-in-cheek twist. From bunnies with superhero capes to flowers curling out from within a human ribcage, Emmaline’s creations are without a doubt unique and stunningly beautiful.

Her work can be found all around but her collaborations with us are unique to our store. These works include our well-loved Emmaline Bailey Mushroom tee and a raft of hand-painted skateboard decks which have now found homes in places as far flung as the Netherlands, England and Germany.  

Emmaline's next piece will be a hand-painted work on one of our recycled wine-barrel longboards and will be featured in our #framinghamunderground exhibition launching June 9th. Paper Rain Project with Emmaline BaileyThe Paper Rain Project with Emmaline Bailey