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GUEST ARTIST ~ Faunesque

If you've been a fan of Paper Rain products for a while, you may recognise Faunesque's work from some of our most iconic, popular tees and (most recently) our eco-friendly hemp tote bags ~ check out the FLORA tote bag here!

'Faunesque', also known as Phil Constantinesco, has been working side-by-side with Paper Rain for some years. Although he is one of the very few artists not based here in New Zealand, our relationship remains strong with many intricate Kiwi-esque designs that are now iconic to our art goods (who owns a 'Pukeko', 'Waxeye' or 'Humpback Whale' Tee? What's not to love!?).



We recently caught up with Phil to gain his insight into the world ...and we'd like to share it with you!


Tell us a bit about yourself, including something most people don’t know about you:

Hi! My name is Phil Constantinesco, aka Faunesque. I am a French illustrator, I am 36.

I have been working freelance since 2004, graduated in LISAA Strasbourg then co-founded the motion design studio Zurich29. We moved to Paris in 2007 to work as motion designers at MTV France for a year and a half. I have continued working freelance as well. Since 2015 I have lived in Brussels and work mostly as an illustrator.

I would love to work more! Especially with direct commissions, so don’t hesitate if you are interested in my work :).

I dream about a cool house in the woods in front of a lake, very calm, to draw every day, all day long.



Tell us a bit about your unique practice:

I have 2 main techniques I use:
• Hand drawing - I usually look for flowers, fruits and all the stuff I need in google images then I draw a general image composed by a lot of small drawings bundled together. I guess that this practice may have come from the influence of Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo - I loved his work when I was a kid.
• Digital drawing - I use a Wacom Cintiq 27’’ to draw, mostly for clients.



How did you get involved in The Paper Rain Project?

Hmmm! I am not sure but I think I saw a competition on Facebook a few years ago for a tee design contest. I decided to participate with a Pukeko. They chose my design and some of the other participants. Then we exchange emails and we are, I guess you’ll agree, now friends :)


What is your favourite daily ritual?

Fry up an egg and eat some bread with ham, cheese, avocado, radishes … basically breakfast :)


Something you’d have liked to have told your twenty-year old self:

"Draw a lot more mate, enjoy the time you have! Enjoy the art studies too (no clients, less responsibilities, more exploration etc.)"



What do you want to see a little more of in the World?


What does it mean to you to be a Paper Rain guest artist?

It means a lot, I am very grateful. Indigo & Wills are doing a great job!! I can’t imagine how hard it is to run a shop, to keep on going with ideas, find solutions, find the right people to work with etc. I am very happy to know them and would really love to go in NZ to work a bit with them :)


What are you listening to while you work? It depends, I sometimes listen to LoFi HipHop, letting YouTube decide for me. I listen to French radio like France Inter, France Culture, Arte. Sometimes when I just need to colourize I listen to stand up artists or a movie from the 90s.


Thanks Phil! Check out Faunesque's designs on our current stock, including our Lion Tees and Flora Hemp Tote Bags. Find him on instagram @faunesque :)