The Black Dog

The Black Dog

Inspired by the artists' own experiences with the visiting Black Dog (& love of actual little black dogs), this artwork speaks volumes. This year, we began to produce the Black Dog tee, not as an ode to our own little Collie pup Raglan, but because this artwork linked so perfectly with a cause we were so passionate about.

The 'Black Dog', the black cloud, depression, mental illness, whatever you want to call it - it's probably followed you, or someone you know. It's something many of us don't really talk about but it's a real thing that we'd like to shine a light on as it is so very close to home. We have paired with artist, Ellaquaint, to bring you our 'Black Dog' t-shirt which raises funds for the Live More Awesome Foundation.

'Black Dog' is the first of our new range of CAUSES tshirts  Having recently lost a dear friend to depression, Ellaquaint was stoked to jump on board with the idea. It is a limited edition design (1 of 100) and a portion of all sales will go towards raising the awareness of the realness of mental illness. We are so in need to talk about depression more in our society, to demystify it and remove the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness.

The talented artist? A lover of animals and the natural environment, Lizzie Thomas, aka Ellaquaint, has joined us in several collaborations ‘for good’, otherwise known as our CAUSE range. So far this has included a hand-painted board to raise funds for the endangered Hector’s dolphin and our 'Black Dog' tee. An ex-teacher of Art and Design, Lizzie often renders her animals realistically but also likes to play upon a particular characteristic, survival features and her previous connotations (aaaaand a little bit of motivation brought about by Sir David Attenborough's epic nature documentaries of course!) Lizzie lives in Auckland and is continually exploring her art form (including a few new board collaborations with us! Watch the space!). 

You can help support people with depression by purchasing the 'Black Dog' HERE or, donate directly via the link below.Black Dog at The Paper Rain Project Tannery Store

This t-shirt will give $5 from every sale to the 'Live More Awesome' Foundation:

Live More Awesome’s goals are as follows:

  • Start as many open and honest conversations about mental health as humanely possible in order to help normalise it and reduce the stigma surrounding it
  • Inspire and encourage as many people to ask for help with their mental health as possible
  • Help direct all of the people who ask for help to specific help in their area.

That’s it. Simple goals with MASSIVE effect.

The Black Dog