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What Next?
The Paper Rain Project, Whites Bay, Marlborough
At home in Marlborough
WHAT NEXT...? All packed we head home to Marlborough to consolidate and produce the gear that we're passionate about. We're super conscious about the production of our products from the ground up and want to make sure that focus is the cornerstone of all that we do. Having both our production and flagship store closer to home means we can do what we do better. (For us this means quality over quantity and reducing the wait on orders (yes!), hand screen printing our tees, introducing new designs & collaborations, fulfilling the demand for our wine-barrel boards and sharing more stories.
The Paper Rain Project, the Tannery, Christchurch
(We said good bye to our Tannery Store this weekend ~ for good. )
Sad to see us go? Us too, but it feels right. Don't worry, you'll still be able to find us online at and at our Picton Flagship Store, 29 High Street, Picton.
The Paper Rain Project, hand-screen printing organic t-shirtsIf for any reason you have a change of mind, we are happy to accept returns if they are in the condition in which they were swapping a tee you received for Christmas because it's not your style or doesn't fit you.
The limited edition nature of our apparel means that many designs are rolling over to make way for new projects, designs and causes ~ WHICH WE ARE INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT, SO WATCH THIS SPACE, so if we haven't the exact tee you had in mind we can also help you out by swapping your t-shirt for another design or size, it's our prerogative. 
If you happen to be in the area, bring your product into our Picton store OR send us an email at
#oneofoneworks The Paper Rain Project boards
We're incredibly proud to work with the creatives that we do, so we're introducing #oneofoneworks campaign to help give recognition to the unique, one off, work of our collaborators. Look out for #oneofoneworks art boards on our website and in store.
The Paper Rain Project - recycled wine-barrel staves for longboard production
As our Kickstater production draws to a close and these bad boys start hitting the store in earnest. Watch this space.
 ( Re-iterated. Re-invented. Returning soon. )