Having specialised in board artwork since our original conception in 2009, these wall hanging artworks have seen many walls Worldwide.

Made here in our cherry farm workshop, our unique 'classic-shaped' wall-hanging art boards are crafted from locally grown sustainable macrocarpa, recycled rimu or recycled Marlborough wine barrels. The artworks are either laser etched or painstakingly hand-painted as one of a kind artworks.

For each board sold, a donation is made towards 'Trees That Count', making a positive impact on climate change and improving our environment. Support New Zealand-made design with one of our unique wall-hanging skateboard artworks.

Sold out


All Kaka

$1,250.00 NZD

Sold out
'Huia on Kowhai' by Hannah Jensen. Hand-carving in 41 layers of acrylic paint on sustainably grown macrocarpa. Sold out
'Te Ma, White One' hand-painted by Indigo Greenlaw. Water-based paint, laser etching and moulding medium on a recycled rimu art board crafted in-house by The Paper Rain Project. On sale

Indigo Greenlaw

Te Ma / White One

$645.00 NZD $845.00 NZD

On sale

Indigo Greenlaw


$645.00 NZD $845.00 NZD

'Stories to Tell' hand-painted by Studio Soph onto a macrocarpa art board crafted in-house at The Paper Rain Project. Sold out
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