From the Mill
From the Mill From the Mill

Elusive Kokako - From the Mill, acrylic on maple board.

Dimensions: 210 x 820 mm

Elusive Kokako is part of an exhibiton at The Hanger in Wellington, New Zealand if purchased this unique board will be dispatched to you on 27th September 2017. 

‘From The Mill’ aka. Natasha Vermeulen is a Christchurch based illustrator and designer. Working in the design industry over the past nine years, Natasha has come to enjoy a multi-discipline approach that encompasses graphic design, illustration and photography.

Natasha first crossed our paths at our inaugural Auckland exhibition when she chose to write a piece on our show at Allpress Gallery in 2015.

Her brand name From The Mill is the English translation of her Afrikaans surname (and incidentally, much easier to spell). 

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