Michel Tuffery
Michel Tuffery Michel Tuffery Michel Tuffery Michel Tuffery

Pania in converstation with Tangaroa - Michel Tuffery, hand painting on Recycled French Oak wine-barrel board.

Dimensions: 175 x 750 mm

One of New Zealand’s most well known artists, Michel is a renowned printmaker, painter & sculptor who has made a major contribution to art world-wide. You may know Michel for his life-size ‘Pisupo lua afe (corned beef)’ work, a cow constructed from attened corn beef tins which currently resides in Te Papa Museum. Michel’s work is shaped by his research into, and encounters with, his Polynesian heritage while making use of Māori design.

Michel is a lovely, laid back & inspiring man whom we are stoked to have onboard as a contributing artist with our wine- barrel boards and upcoming CAUSE projects. 

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