Hannah Starnes
Hannah Starnes Hannah Starnes Hannah Starnes

Totem - Hannah Starnes, acrylic on maple board

Dimensions: 210 x 820 mm

With an aim to create something interesting with undertones of cheekiness, it’s no surprise Hannah specialises in NZ birds. She aims for something simple, with an occasional splash of colour, some- times working with pencil on paper or with colourful geometric displays on French oak.

Hannah is a competitive rower who we found alongside us at The Great Christmas Market in Nelson, her painted barrel tops & birds the perfect union with our barrel stave board art. Hannah has a range of prints & cards in store, as well as a rolling selection of collab board works. 

This board is part of our exhibition at East Street Cafe and will run until 14th August, if purchased this unique board Totem will be dispatched once the show has finished.  Read here about getting your board from us to you