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Sloth Women's T-Shirt design hand drawn by Monique Richards. Ethical and Sustainable Organic Cotton Tee supporting mental health awareness and Silverline Otago End of Edition
End of Edition

Monique Richards

Sloth - Men's T-Shirt

$45.00 NZD $69.00 NZD

Boy modelling The Paper Rain Project's fair trade, organic kid's sloth tee. Design by Monique Richards in support of the Live More Awesome charity. End of Edition

Monique Richards

Sloth - Kids T-Shirt

$30.00 NZD $40.00 NZD

On sale


2021 Flox Calendar

$15.00 NZD $30.00 NZD

Manuka Women's T-Shirt - Sustainable and Ethical Organic Cotton Tee with design by Hannah Jensen End of Edition

Hannah Jensen

Manuka - Women's T-Shirt

$45.00 NZD $79.00 NZD

Front of men's ethical and sustainable organic white cotton t-shirt with bee design by Faunesque End of Edition


Bee - Men's T-Shirt

$45.00 NZD $69.00 NZD

Back of navy Manuka Men's T-Shirt - Hannah Jensen Designed Organic Cotton Tee End of Edition

Hannah Jensen

Manuka - Men's T-Shirt

$45.00 NZD $79.00 NZD

i.c.u hand painted acrylic on maple skateboard by Caroline della Porta Sold out
'Study of a Tiger' hand-painted by Mica Still acrylic and ink on maple skateboard. On sale

Mica Still

Study of a Tiger

$520.00 NZD $600.00 NZD

Black Hole. No 2 by Sneaky Studios hand painted up-cycled skateboard On sale

Sneaky Studios

Black Hole 2

$665.00 NZD $950.00 NZD