One of One  Art Boards are unique collaborations between The Paper Rain Project + Local & International Artists. This is a collection of Art Boards which have now found a new home.
Recycled Wine-barrel Boards
'Rua Kenana Te Mihaia Hou', Cinzah Seekayam, Acrylic, ink and Gold leaf 
The Paper Rain Project // Monique Richards Otter

The Gentleman by Monique Richards, Acrylic & Ink

Maple Boards


The Wild Ones by Studio Soph , Acrylic on  Maple Skateboard, 2017

Ipod Bunny/ Monique Richards

Ipod Bunny, Monique Richards, Acrylic on maple, 2017

Spore/ Emmaline Bailey

Spores, Emmaline Bailey, Acrylic on maple, 2017

Emmaline Bailey

'Herald', Emmaline Bailey, Acrylic 

'Fox & Hare' by Emmaline Bailey, Acrylic, 2016

The Paper Rain Project // Hannah Starnes

'With flowers in her hair' by Hannah Starnes, acrylic


The Paper Rain Project // Kelly Spencer Pakaru

Pakaru by Kelly Spencer, Ink & Spray paint.

CAUSE - $50 from the sale of this board went to S.U.R.F - the Strategic Urban Rejuvenation Force:
 helping Christchurch's earthquake stricken New Brighton back on it's feet. 

For more on this board see our 'PAKARU' Blog Post!

The Paper Rain Project // Denise Fort The Mad Cow

'The Mad Cow' by Denise Fort, Ink & Spray paint

The Paper Rain Project // Kelly Spencer Onwards&Upwards

Onwards and Upwards by Kelly Spencer, Acrylic

The Paper Rain Project // Monique Richards

Sloth by Monique Richards, Acrylic