What is The Paper Rain Project?
We are small Marlborough-based business which specializes in hand-crafted and ethically sourced goods. We originally began with custom painted recycled boards, and then began to produce and print our own apparel. Our work is complimented in store with a few other select brands that also share our ethics.
Are you a Collective? 
No, we produce about 80% of the product in our store, but we work with around 12 artists to complete our apparel range. We collaborate with people to produce high-quality, ethical and creative products that give the artists creative freedom whilst fitting the bill for our ethics and brand.
The Paper Rain Project
Are your art boards rideable?
Yes, some of them! Most of the boards displayed are generally purchased for art, but the new maple & bamboo were originally designed to ride.  Our Wine-barrel drop-through board is specifically designed for riding too. We have Full Sets Up's Available for our Wine-barrel drop-through board and our Bamboo Boards.
We provide an array of skateboard & longboard decks -
UPCYCLED MAPLE: Some are recycled maple boards which have already lived a rough life. These are often used for painting one of one artworks which are not riding.
HAND-PAINTED ONE OF ONE: With any of our hand-painted one of a kind boards we recommend you hang it on the wall - it'd be a shame to kill it!
LASER-ETCHED MAPLE/BAMBOO: As for our new laser etched maple or bamboo combination skateboards or longboards, these are totally rideable!
WINE-BARREL BOARDS: If you are keen to ride, we highly recommend our drop-through board. If you want a collectable cruiser, you can choose a Classic board as well but the riding experience is not as good as with our specifically designed drop-through board. 
BARREL ART BOARDS: Sometimes, during the manufacturing process, we make boards that are slightly slimmer in the body, these are often used as art boards. If you would like a rideable board, please specify when you make your order so that we can ensure that your board is up to our riding specs!  Otherwise, all art boards are for wall-hanging only and may not withstand a thrashing!
The Paper Rain Project
Are you a Charity?
No, we're a business, but we're really passionate about how our products are produced and where we work with others, we need to know that it is a fair relationship. We do, however, often donate proceeds to charities or causes we are passionate about & also support businesses which help society or the environment.
Can I submit my artwork or be featured in your store?
Sure you can submit, but we're not currently looking for any new artists. Please introduce yourself over email ( with a link to your website (or attached photographs) & your intentions in collaborating.
Who makes your apparel?
Our apparel is made/sewn & sourced from a Kiwi company based in Kolkata, India who help retrain women out of the sex industry. The tees are 100% organic cotton & printed by hand in our garage in Blenheim. The designs are limited to 500 or 100 prints with artworks from 12 different artists from around the world.
What kind of ink do you use?
We use sustainably conscious methods of printing. Right now, it's actually oil-based but we're in the process of changing to water-based.
In our earlier days oil-based inks actually produced a lot less waste (with zero going into drains) due to it's incredibly long-lasting nature. We are now printing much higher quantities and will be investing in the larger gear & space necessary to print with water-based inks. When the production increases, it becomes greener to print with water-based. WE ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS.
The Paper Rain Project
Do you do custom designs?
We no longer produce custom design for boards BUT we collaborate with many different artists to produce unique boards and we hope you will find something special to you in store.
How often do you get new apparel designs?
There is no set system to this. It depends on the speed of sales of our existing designs which we hope to give time & space to be appreciated. We don't like to over stuff our store! We hope to eventually roll over limited edition tees more often & focus on paring each new design with a cause to donate partial profits to.
The Paper Rain Project
Do you screen-print commercially?

Due to workload and the size of our team we don't screen print commercially but we can recommend a local organisation who can screen print your designs. 

The Paper Rain Project

Can I swap or return my tee?

Definitely, you can return or swap out the design or colour of a tee - so long as the tee has no marks and has not been washed or worn. As we are the only producers of these garments we are happy for you to make this change with us in-store without a receipt. 

Will I have to pay international customs/ duties on my longboard? 
Potentially! This really depends on which country you are in. Please check with your local post office to determine these charges.
The Paper Rain Project
Do you offer Lay-by on boards?

Please email us at to chat about options