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Paper Rain Shipping
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Our board shipping includes tracked delivery as many are unique and irreplaceable ~ we would really like you to be able to track it down if anything goes astray! Once your product has left our hands, it is then the responsibility of our courier and postal services. However, we really, really want your new board to get from us to you as safely as possible so tracking is a must!
FULL SET UP includes shipping of the trucks, wheels, bearings, nuts & bolts needed to assemble your board. However, the boards are flat-packed to avoid huge increases in shipping due to the size increase of an assembled board.
Coming soon: A guide for setting up your new board ~ turning your flat pack board into a rolling wonder.
Although tax is included in our prices for New Zealand customers, some countries may charge VAT, tax or duty when you receive your item. Unfortunately this is uncontrollable and is imposed by your government for countries outside of your free trade agreement. Please consider your purchases with this in mind.
Screen-printing with The Paper Rain Project
If in New Zealand, we hope that your t-shirt would arrive within 2 - 3 work days of your order placement. We will send you your tracking code once your order is on your way so that you can watch it's progress :)
For Australia, please allow up to two weeks from your order date, for WORLD orders, make that three.
If you have any questions about our stock availability please contact us at store@thepaperrainproject.co.nz and we’ll do our best to get back to you in regards to turn around time and availability of your favourite t-shirt design.
For our one of one art boards, we will ship out to you within a day or two of your order. The only anomaly to this is if the board is currently part of an exhibition. In this case, the board description will show an approximate shipping date.
For hand-built barrel boards -  your board may be made to order - please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the production of this specialty product. Most likely, we'll be holding one in stock but occasionally we need to make you one from scratch.
Special date in mind? If you have a birthday, you're heading off somewhere or need our order by a certain date, please let us know in your order and we will see what we can do for you.
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We occasionally use bubble wrap which has had a past life i.e the protective layer wrapping your board has also protected something else. We save it from the rubbish bin & upcycle other store's packaging. So if you see a couple of rips, or a little leftover cellotape, this is why! We don't want to send you a recycled product in a brand new piece of plastic. All macrocarpa, wine-barrel and hard wood boards will also be packaged in a strong cardboard box to maximise it’s safety.
Your t-shirt will come in our custom stamped brown paper bag with a fully compostable r3pack shipping bag made from plants. They are matte black and both home and commercially compostable. So much awesome.
If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to us, we're a pretty friendly crew!
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