The Paper Rain Project - Terms and conditions

OUR ART WINE-BARREL BOARDS Please remember that the basis of our product is a recycled material, namely French oak used for several years of wine-making. We've found that the quality of the wood varies heavily between barrels due to blistering or wine seeping into interior cracks in the barrel. This means,even after steam-straightening and joining the most promising staves, the router-part of our process can sometimes reveal small flaws, which are then sanded away to render slim-line boards worthy only as a wall hanging artwork. Therefore, for every 10 boards we make, 3 or so are made into to a wall art only board. But don't fear, if you ordered a riding board, or a drop-through deck you'll get one specifically designed for that. If you specified your classic shaped deck as wall art, you will have 'ART BOARD' etched into the wall-side of your deck.

 If you would like a rideable board, please specify when you make your order so that we can ensure that your board is up to our riding specs!  Otherwise, all art boards are for wall-hanging only and may not withstand a thrashing!

*Please note that all hand-painted, marcrocarpa and rimu boards are for wall art only, unless you're willing to risk removing the artwork from the board.


The Paper Rain Project - Terms and conditions

RIDABLE LONGBOARD DISCLAIMER: Again, please be aware that many of our boards are made from recycled materials with a life before we get our hands on them. This adds a rich story to our product, but also the knowledge that every board is slightly different in terms of age and strength. We have designed our rideable decks (specifically the drop-through style) with performance and durability in mind but cannot guarantee the strength and resilience of the boards and therefore offer no warranty. LONG BOARDING CAN BE A VERY PHYSICAL SPORT AND COMES WITH IT'S SHARE OF DANGER. PLEASE RIDE WITH A HELMET, STICK TO THE ROAD RULES & STAY SAFE. WE DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR SAFETY WHEN PARTICIPATING IN THIS SPORT. By purchasing from us, you are agreeing to these terms and accept responsibility for your own safety.

Terms & Conditions of Competitions:

This is where we put the ever-so-necessary small print involved in running competitions and giveaways! Don't be alarmed & if you have any questions, please get in touch.

The Paper Rain Project - Terms and conditionsDISCOUNT CODES & PROMOTIONS:

Please note that only one promotional code can be used at a time.

*The 'Tees For Trees' campaign is a not-for-profit project in support of rehabilitating the native bush lost in the February Nelson Fires. Therefore, it is not subject to any of our promotions, including the Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price.