Monique Richards
Monique Richards Monique Richards Monique Richards

Boogie Bear - Monique Richards, acrylic on maple board 

Dimensions: 210 x 820 mm

A roaming artist & designer raised on the streets of Stoke, both home & travel are close to Monique’s heart. Her early work was mostly portraiture but lately, the pencil has taken over & Monique has been creating a series of intricate and often humorous work. Living in Barcelona changed the direction of her work dramatically, seeing human faces replaced by lions and lightbulbs, and paper largely replacing canvas.

Monique can also been found prettying up local lane ways with her street art. She simply loves what she does, and her biggest problem is that she can’t draw, or paint, fast enough.

Our #FraminghamUnderground Exhibition will run from 9th June - 16th July, if purchased this unique board Boogie Bear will be dispatched once the show has finished.  Read here about getting your board from us to you


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