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Acyclic, aerosol, pigment by Milarky on one of our in-house recycled rimu art boards.

Dimensions: 190 x 760mm.

Please note that this board type is only available to New Zealand customers because of potential international shipping restrictions relating to recycled rimu.

For each board sold a native tree is planted, helping to restore and maintain New Zealand's environment.

Crafted from salvaged recycled rimu, this board was designed and made by The Paper Rain Project in Marlborough, New Zealand.

This board is a wall-hanging artwork and comes equipped with a fitting suitable for a standard picture hook or nail.

Native rimu was once milled to build houses and furniture all over New Zealand. Rimu is now salvaged from house demolitions nation-wide to create a new product from a material already rich
in NZ history.

For each recycled rimu board sold, a native tree is planted it’s it’s place. Thank you for helping to regenerate native forests in New Zealand.

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Well known street artist Milarky’s (Damin Radford-Scott) works appear on the side of buildings from New Plymouth to California and beyond.

A self described Nomad, Milarky’s work has a thoughtful and ethereal quality - informed by a recent trip across America and up into Canada. Floating, travelling, isolated and explorative, his figures are in a state of transition. Milarky explores the disconnect between ‘our society’s current mind set to tune the land to our desires’ and that of a nomad - comparing their enironmental response. We are stoked to finally have his work with us!