Ellaquaint Ellaquaint Ellaquaint Ellaquaint

Gorilla - Ellaquaint, indian ink and scellac on maple board.

Dimensions: 210 x 820 mm

A lover of animals & the natural environment, Lizzie Thomas, aka Ellaquaint, has joined us in several collaborations ‘for good’, otherwise known as our CAUSE range. So far this has included a hand- painted board to raise funds for the endangered Hector’s dolphin & more recently, our ‘Black Dog’ tee which helps to raise awareness of mental health & depression.

An ex-teacher of Art & Design, Lizzie often renders her animals realistically but also likes to play upon a particular characteristic, survival features & her previous connotations. 

Our #FraminghamUnderground Exhibition will run from 9th June - 16th July, if purchased Gorilla will be dispatched once the show has finished.  Read here about getting your board from us to you.

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