The Paper Rain Project
The Paper Rain Project The Paper Rain Project The Paper Rain Project // Renaissance Brewing The Paper Rain Project
Recycled French Oak wine-barrel with laser-etching.
Approximate dimensions: 175mm wide x 750mm tall.
This board runs along side our limited edition beer, "The Woodsman", as an element of our collaboration with Renaissance Brewing Company in aid of the Para Wetland in Marlborough these boards have a soft spot for the environment.
These longboards are hand made in New Zealand using recycled French oak wine barrels sourced from a number of awesome local wineries. Hand-built in an old cherry farm's pack house, each deck takes several hours to craft. (Read more about our recent Kickstarter campaign here)

This hand-built board is our take on the retro skateboard shape. With a soft nose, a slight concave to the board and a smooth angling tail, this board is made for comfortable cruising. Rideability: This is our signature board shape which is usually used for artwork or as a collectable, if a regular rider, we would recommend purchasing the drop-through.

Sometimes, during the manufacturing process, we make boards that are slightly slimmer in the body, these are often used as art boards. If you would like a rideable board, please specify when you make your order so that we can ensure that your board is up to our riding specs!  Otherwise, all art boards are for wall-hanging only and may not withstand a thrashing! 
Our #FraminghamUnderground Exhibition will run from 9th June - 16th July. Harakeke is an open edition board and can be dispatched at any time. Read here about getting your board from us to you.