Unity 'Unity' hand painted by fortyonehundred on sustainably sourced, handcrafted macrocarpa art board by The Paper Rain Project. 'Unity' hand painted by fortyonehundred on sustainably sourced, handcrafted macrocarpa art board by The Paper Rain Project. The Paper Rain Project guest artist bio of fortyonehundred.

'Unity' hand-painted by fortyonehundred onto a macrocarpa art board crafted in-house at The Paper Rain Project. Read more about the artist HERE.

'This board was painted in both the North and South Islands as I travelled New Zealand. This painting is about unity, a strong and balanced centre - flowing out into asymmetrical north and south regions. Different but the same, untied as one. As a country, as people, as earth dwellers we are all interconnected and part of one universal existence.' fourtyonehundred. 

Dimensions: 190 x 760mm

  • This macrocarpa blonde beauty is our take on the retro skateboard shape but is designed specifically for wall hanging only.
  • For each board sold a native tree is planted, helping to restore and maintain New Zealand's environment.
  • Ready for wall hanging, see our Boards for riding HERE.
Standard (NZD)Free Over (NZD)
New Zealand$5$50
Rest of the World*$30$600

* Includes most of North America, Europe, UK, Asia and the South Pacific. Orders will be refunded if we are unable to ship to your location.

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Crafted from sustainably and locally grown Macrocarpa, this board was designed and made by The Paper Rain Project in Marlborough, New Zealand.

This board is a wall-hanging artwork and comes equipped with a fitting suitable for a standard picture hook or nail.

For each sustainably-grown tree felled, an average of 200 native trees are planted in it’s place. Thank you for helping to regenerate native forests in New Zealand.

Based in Tofino, BC, Canada, the artist fortyonehundred, aka Lizzie Snow, has perfected the art of intricate ink work. Her artwork is inspired by nature - specifically fractals. Fractal patterns are found within in our lungs, brains, leaves, snowflakes and thousands of places in the natural World. The mandala shape we have become so familiar with is a circular, intricate orb of organized chaos - or - fractal patterning.

We first found Lizzie online and were captured by her fascinating use of clean line and shape which entertainment the eyes for hours. Her work encourages people to engage with reality and a sense of ‘now’ - something we all need!