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The Alongsider Wallet by The Loyal Workshop

The Alongsider Wallet will stand by you in any situation. She’s a super functional, carry-all wallet. There’s plenty of space for cards, notes, coins and your phone too. But with a slim design, that is a joy to hold. An everyday essential that will stand the test of time.
The Loyal Workshop believe in keeping it real and simple. Minimalists at heart, this is a decluttered design, with only the bare essentials. This thing is legit.
Full veg-tanned cow leather produced using a unique eco tanning technique; resilient, sturdy and weathers with grace.
The Leather selected has been chosen for its strength and durability but also for its natural full grain look. The veg-tanning process allows the full character of the leather to be exposed, honestly displaying the patina accumulated over a lifetime already lived. In its second lifetime as a Loyal wallet, it will darken slightly and develop more character. This heavy stiff leather has the substance to protect your cargo and maintains its shape.
Brass nickeled German made dome.
Hand stitched 0.8mm gauge woven polyester; super resilient, stretch proof and UV resistant.
Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm (7.87in x 3.94in)
6 card holders, that can fit 2 cards in each
2 pockets for cash notes and extra cards
1 wider pocket for your phone
A separate coin pocket
Simple dome closure system, to secure your valuables
Hand stitched by the artisans of the Loyal Workskop in India
Premium Eco Tanned Leather
Fits just perfect in our Companion Satchel
Vegetable tanning adds to the beauty and authenticity of The Loyal Workshop products, showing off the natural character of leather. As well as being eco-friendly, each and every wallet is unique and distinctive in its markings.
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