Painted Art Boards

Hand-painted one of a kind artwork for wall hanging only. These are largely made in-house from recycled rimu or locally grown sustainable macrocarpa. 

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Erika Pearce


$1,200.00 NZD

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Erika Pearce


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All Kaka

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On sale

Indigo Greenlaw

Te Ma / White One

$645.00 NZD $845.00 NZD

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'Mt. Cook Lily' hand-painted by HH (Hannah Heslop) onto a laser etched recycled rimu board handcrafted by The Paper Rain Project.


Mt. Cook Lily

$495.00 NZD

'Tahi #1' hand-painted by Sean Duffel onto a macrocarpa art board crafted in-house at The Paper Rain Project.

Sean Duffell

Tahi (#1)

$1,430.00 NZD

'Study of a Tiger' hand-painted by Mica Still acrylic and ink on maple skateboard. On sale

Mica Still

Study of a Tiger

$520.00 NZD $600.00 NZD

Crown me cybernetic hand painted acrylic on skateboard by Jacqueline Macleod On sale

Jacqueline Macleod

Crown Me Cybernetic

$420.00 NZD $595.00 NZD

Black Hole. No 2 by Sneaky Studios hand painted up-cycled skateboard On sale

Sneaky Studios

Black Hole 2

$665.00 NZD $950.00 NZD