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The Paper Rain Project

You might ask what organic art clothing, skateboard art and recycled timbers have in common. I guess we’re the common thread. The Paper Rain Project came about from a want to do things differently, at a high-quality and without costing the Earth. We wanted to truly give back through the process of our making, to give on with our profits and to generally do good. 

Why wood? We love the feel and that it already has a story. T-shirts? Another great canvas for expression.  So came about our range of fair trade, organic Cause clothing, skateboard artworks and longboards made from recycled or locally sourced sustainable timber.

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CAUSE: Kāki Stilt Recovery

CAUSE: Kāki Stilt Recovery

When you sound like an adorable squeaky toy, and look this cute, we would have thought more would have heard of the Kakī Stilt. However, we didn't know of this little bird until early last year. This was due to our looking for a worthy wee cause to support with our...

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CAUSE: Sustainable Coastlines

CAUSE: Sustainable Coastlines

We grew up in the sea - wetsuits or none, spending hours in and out of the ocean in the North West of Scotland. We'd head out in the evening in 15h/p wooden boats to catch mackerel for our dinner. To get anywhere from this peninsula, it was a hell of...

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CAUSE: Kākāpō Recovery Project

CAUSE: Kākāpō Recovery Project

When it comes to unique birds, the kākāpō is a winner. Weighing in as the heaviest parrot in the world and with the ability to live up to 90 years old, they make for a pretty fascinating bird. Wondering alone at night and sleeping through the daylight hours, the kākāpō is...

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1414 Days of FREEDOM

In the last 4 years we have created 1414 days of Freedom (through fair trade employment).

We believe that fair trade & organic is just the way things should be. We are proud to work with a Kiwi owned business which exists specifically to provide freedom for women from the sex trade, women who were forced into prostitution by trafficking or poverty. Printing on these high-quality & ethical garments, we produce our apparel as limited edition artworks but also provide freedom through employment opportunity for women who would otherwise have no choice. Read more here.

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Art Goods for Good Causes

For 2017/18 (and ever more), we are ramping up our push to support social and environmental 'Causes'. We believe in business that exists for good, giving back partial profits to support causes we truly believe in.

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Causes supported through our project include Satisfy Food Rescue, Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary, Project Jonah, Conservation Kids NZ, Sustainable Coastlines, Working Waters Trust, DOC's Kaki Stilt protection, Kakapo Recovery Trust, Live More Awesome, Para Wetlands and more. 

Join us in doing good with art and business through our range of Cause t-shirts and board art.