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The Paper Rain Project

Officially founded in 2013, The Paper Rain Project is a creative business based in Marlborough, New Zealand. We specialise in hand-crafted and ethical art goods (fair trade/organic clothing, leatherware, skateboard art & recycled wine-barrel longboards). We love travel, coffee, food & making good things.

"In using recycled products & artist quality apparel prints, we want to bring more accessible art to the streets as well as to bring the concepts of fair trade & sustainability into a given & valued practice for business & people in all walks of life," says co-founder, Indigo Greenlaw.

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So, Skateboards?

So, Skateboards?

Image: 2017 skateboard artwork with Caroline Della Porta. Yes, skateboards. It may not be the normal canvas for many artists, nor the normal thing to hang in your home. However, skateboards, like t-shirts, have been canvasses for expression for as long as they have existed. In 1958, the skateboard was invented -...

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Tuffery Collab: Water & Wood

Tuffery Collab: Water & Wood

We love New Zealand. We love the bush, we love our natives and our waterways (not to mention our beaches and this beautiful ocean we seemingly float in the middle of.) With 71% of the Earth - not to mention more than half of our bodies - made up of water,...

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Cinzah ~ Between Man & Nature

Cinzah ~ Between Man & Nature

We first came across Cinzah on the World Wide Web whilst trawling the internet for New Zealand's artistic talent. Boy, did we find what we were looking for! Our relationship with this epic-ly talented artist grew from our initial collaboration on our now end-of-edition 'Dive' t-shirt and has evolved into...

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555 Days of FREEDOM

In the last 12 months we have created 555 days of Freedom (through employment).

We believe that fair trade & organic is just the way things should be. We are proud to work with a Kiwi owned business which exists specifically to provide freedom for women from the sex trade, women who were forced into prostitution by trafficking or poverty. Printing on these high-quality & ethical garments, we produce our apparel as limited edition artworks but also provide freedom through employment opportunity for women who would otherwise have no choice.

Thank you for your support! Browse t-shirts that support freedom here.